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An EmacsLisp interface to key/value stores (Mongo, Postgresql Hstore, etc..) with a simple default implementation based on EmacsLisp Hashtables.

The interface

The idea behind this is to make an interface for interacting with simple key/value database stores that is portable across all such stores. So you can make code once but swap out the database with relative ease.

The interface includes the following functions:

db-make reference

Make a DB based on the reference.

db-get key db

Get the value from the db with the key.

db-map func db &optional query filter

Call func for every record in db optionally query filter.

query, if specified, should be a list of query terms.

func should take 2 arguments:

  key db-value

where the DB-VALUE is whatever the db has attached to the specified KEY.

This returns an alist of the KEY and the value the function returned. If filter is t then only pairs with a value are returned.

db-put key value db

Put a new value into the db with the specified key.

Return the value as it has been put into the db.

db-query db query

Do query on db and return the result.

This is db-map with an identity function.

Query language

db uses the query language provided by the kv library, which is implemented as a mapping function test on ever value by the persistent hashtable implementation.

The language should be translatable to just about any database query language (Mongo, SQL, etc...).

There are only 3 constructs currently, |, & and =.

An expression could be:

(= field-name value)

To select any record where field-name has the value

(|(= field-name value)(= other-field other-value))

To select any record where field-name has the value or other-field has the value other-value

(&(= field-name value)(= other-field other-value))

To select any record where field-name has the value and other-field has the value other-value.

Logical combinations of | and & are also possible.

Hashtable implementation

db comes with a simple implementation which can store any EmacsLisp object (though alists would most usually be preferred).

To make a db with the hash implementation:

     :filename ,(format "/var/cache/some-file")))

Obviously, most often you will assign the db to a global variable.

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