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Draft your git commit messages

Are you tired of endlessly typing commit messages?

Do you want a fully automatic solution?

Are you happy with a robot doing your work for you?

If the answer to all these is yes! then I have got a deal for you!

For just the price of agreeing to the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL you too can have git-draft.el especially included in your Emacs.

git-draft.el is hand crafted for your needs and will automatically draft a commit message for you whenever you make a change to source files.

Just how does it work?

You might have a file like this:

(ert-deftest diary-server/date-list ()
  "Test the date listing works on the test file."
     '("2014-10-2" "test one")
      (elt (diary-server/date-list :daystart :today) 0)
      ((alist "date" date "head" head) (list date head)))))
     '("2014-11-15" "test two")
      (elt (diary-server/date-list :daystart "2014-11-06") 0)
      ((alist "date" date "head" head) (list date head)))))))

and you change it, resulting ina diff like this:

diff --git a/tests.el b/tests.el
index e1291b0..c80513a 100644
--- a/tests.el
+++ b/tests.el
@@ -22,12 +22,13 @@
       ((alist "date" date "head" head) (list date head)))))
-     '("2014-11-15" "test two")
+     '("2014-11-15" "test three")
       (elt (diary-server/date-list :daystart "2014-11-06") 0)
       ((alist "date" date "head" head) (list date head)))))))

And now you want to commit that, so you press the magic buttons and Emacs gives you a commit buffer. A totally empty page full of the leaden doom of the void. You know you *must* fill it in but what to write? The *pressure* is intense.

But if you have git-draft.el you just hit:

M-x git-draft

and you will get:


in your commit buffer. Now completing your message is a breeze! you just say what happened in that function!

Wow! this will change your life!

You betcha!

And you can install this TODAY if you just type:

M-x package-install [RET] git-draft

into your Emacs.

That's right!

And this week with purchases!

We're also not giving away a holiday to the Seychelles.


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