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2 parents bbcd491 + 92798ee commit 67606a0f2df369ec935733895c845190e94b32fd @nicferrier committed Dec 28, 2012
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@@ -363,22 +363,25 @@ FUNC is some sort of `assoc' like function."
(defalias 'dotassoc 'kvdotassoc)
(defalias 'dotassq 'kvdotassq)
-(defmacro kvmap-bind (args sexp seq)
- "Bind ARGS to successive elements of SEQ and eval SEXP.
+;; Thank you taylanub for this wonderful abstraction.
+(defmacro kv--destructuring-map (map-function args sequence &rest body)
+ "Helper macro for `destructuring-mapcar' and `destructuring-map'."
+ (declare (indent 3))
+ (let ((entry (gensym)))
+ `(,map-function (lambda (,entry)
+ (destructuring-bind ,args ,entry ,@body))
+ ,sequence)))
-A hybrid of `destructuring-bind' and `mapcar'
+(defmacro kvmap-bind (args sexp seq)
+ "A hybrid of `destructuring-bind' and `mapcar'
ARGS shall be of the form used with `destructuring-bind'
Unlike most other mapping forms this is a macro intended to be
used for structural transformations, so the expected usage will
be that ARGS describes the structure of the items in SEQ, and
SEXP will describe the structure desired."
(declare (indent 2))
- (let ((entry (gensym)))
- `(mapcar (lambda (,entry)
- (destructuring-bind ,args ,entry ,sexp))
- ,seq)))
+ `(kv--destructuring-map mapcar ,args ,seq ,sexp))
(defalias 'map-bind 'kvmap-bind)

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