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small fix to kvcmp to handle nil

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nicferrier committed Sep 15, 2012
1 parent 3de114b commit 929bbec5f8ced924fe3e2302f1b8df30caa4d610
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4 kv.el
@@ -163,8 +163,8 @@ cons cells."
"Do a comparison of the two values using printable syntax.
Use this as the function to pass to `sort'."
- (string-lessp (format "%S" a)
- (format "%S" b)))
+ (string-lessp (if a (format "%S" a) "")
+ (if b (format "%S" b) "")))
(defun kvdotassoc-fn (expr table func)
"Use the dotted EXPR to access deeply nested data in TABLE.

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