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1 parent 13311d9 commit e485201209d2307809a92fab32191148e9a54b4d @nicferrier committed Sep 19, 2012
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11 kv.el
@@ -153,15 +153,20 @@ cons cells."
(assoc-default car-key alist)
(assoc-default cdr-key alist)))))
-(defun kvalist-keys->symbols (alist)
- "Convert the keys in ALIST to symbols."
+(defun kvalist-keys->* (alist fn)
+ "Convert the keys of ALIST through FN."
(lambda (pair)
- (intern (format "%s" (car pair)))
+ (funcall fn (car pair))
(cdr pair)))
+(defun kvalist-keys->symbols (alist)
+ "Convert the keys of ALIST into symbols."
+ (kvalist-keys->* alist (lambda (key) (intern (format "%s" key)))))
(defun kvcmp (a b)
"Do a comparison of the two values using printable syntax.

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