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removed recursion from kvplist->alist

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1 parent 83df0dd commit ea74f5bfb6817b2b4e76a8ebb137ba57d27bdcad @spacebat spacebat committed Dec 31, 2012
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6 kv.el
@@ -177,11 +177,9 @@ Converting to a symbol means dropping the :."
The keys are expected to be :prefixed and the colons are removed.
The keys in the resulting alist are symbols."
(when plist
- (destructuring-bind (key value &rest plist) plist
- (cons `(,(keyword->symbol key) . ,value)
- (kvplist->alist plist)))))
+ (loop for (key value . rest) on plist by 'cddr
+ collect (cons (keyword->symbol key) value))))
(defun kvalist2->plist (alist2)
"Convert a list of alists too a list of plists."

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