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Add kvplist-merge function #3

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I stumbled upon this situation now for the second time. I needed to update a defaults plist with some other new values from a plist that I got as function parameter. In the #emacs channel spacebat pointed me to your lib so I wrote a little function.


I now use the gist from spacebat.

@nicferrier nicferrier merged commit 862be31 into from

new version on marmalade includes it!

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Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @leoc
  2. @leoc

    Reimplement kvplist-merge as adviced by spacebat

    leoc authored
    Spacebat in the #emacs channel suggested to use the loop macro.
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  1. +4 −2 README.creole
  2. +15 −0 kv-tests.el
  3. +10 −1 kv.el
6 README.creole
@@ -145,9 +145,11 @@ Filter the plist to just those matching //keys//.
[[kvalist->filter-keys]] is actually used to do this work.
+=== kvplist->merge &rest plists ===
+Merge the 2nd and subsequent plists into the first, clobbering values set
+by lists to the left.
=== kvplist2->filter-keys plist2 &rest keys ===
Return the //plist2// (a list of plists) filtered to the //keys//.
15 kv-tests.el
@@ -179,4 +179,19 @@
(list :key1 "value1" :key2 t :key3 '(big list of symbols) :key4 10)
'key1 'key4))))
+(ert-deftest kvplist-merge ()
+ (should
+ (equal
+ '(:key1 "value1" :key2 "new value" :key3 "entirely new")
+ (kvplist-merge '(:key1 "value1" :key2 "old value")
+ '(:key2 "new value" :key3 "entirely new")))))
+(ert-deftest kvplist-merge-multiple ()
+ (should
+ (equal
+ '(:key1 "value1" :key2 "new value" :key3 "overwritten new one" :key4 "second entirely new")
+ (kvplist-merge '(:key1 "value1" :key2 "old value")
+ '(:key2 "new value" :key3 "entirely new")
+ '(:key3 "overwritten new one" :key4 "second entirely new")))))
;;; kv-tests.el ends here
11 kv.el
@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ The keys are expected to be :prefixed and the colons are removed.
The keys in the resulting alist are symbols."
(when plist
(loop for (key value . rest) on plist by 'cddr
- collect (cons (keyword->symbol key) value))))
+ collect (cons (keyword->symbol key) value))))
(defun kvalist2->plist (alist2)
"Convert a list of alists too a list of plists."
@@ -385,6 +385,15 @@ SEXP will describe the structure desired."
(defalias 'map-bind 'kvmap-bind)
+(defun kvplist-merge (&rest plists)
+ "Merge the 2nd and subsequent plists into the first, clobbering values set by lists to the left."
+ (let ((result (car plists))
+ (plists (cdr plists)))
+ (loop for plist in plists do
+ (loop for (key val) on plist by 'cddr do
+ (setq result (plist-put result key val))))
+ result))
(provide 'kv)
(provide 'dotassoc)
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