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Provision Emacs instances and stuff on top of it with Vagrant
Ruby Puppet Shell
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make Emacs provisioning boxes.

This a vagrant/puppet/rake mish-mash to allow vagrant boxes to be provisioned with Emacs and your own testable script run inside them.

That sounds like a lot of Ruby. But it isn't really.

How it works

When you run


the following happens:

  • the emacs git repository (or one you specify) is cloned locally (or the local one picked up)
  • the vagrant box is downloaded from the Internet (or the cached one is selected)
  • a virtual machine is created (or the cached one picked up)
  • the virtual machine is started
  • the virtual machine is provisioned with puppet
    • installs any needed OS dependancies (defined in puppet/modules/dependancies)
    • installs emacs from the local emacs git repository
    • pulls or clones your specified repo
    • runs:
emacs -Q --script {your specified repo}/build.el

A full example

rake emacs_git_url=~/emacs-src.git myrepo=git://

In this example we already have the Emacs git repository locally, so we pass that in.

The myrepo is also specified, this one is very simple.


The myrepo MUST be a git read-only repository.

How long does it take?

Exclusding Emacs repository download time and vagrant box fetch time, provisioning the entire example Emacs environment took 32minutes on my acer laptop.

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