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Simple tools for swarm hacking.
Emacs Lisp
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Swarm Hacking

A swarm is a bunch of hackers using tmux (or some other virtual resource sharing system) to co-operatively hack on code together.

I want to experiment with swarm hacking for Emacs users so I'm going to try and run some swarms with #emacs users.

But I have lot's of experience with doing ChatOps and don't want to repeat the experience of audio conferencing with swarming.

So this mode includes tools to make a single Emacs able to do multiple person chat with just buffers.


M-x swarmhacker [RET] your-username [RET]

You will get a unique color. Other people with different usernames will get other colors.

The system is totally co-operative. There is no security. It would be pointless to try and invite hackers into a box with some security. Expect them to destroy it if you don't ask them nicely not to.


This is a package. I'll add it to marmalade-repo at some point.

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