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a webservice to help graphing data.

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Making arbitary graphs from data isn't easy... especially when the data is on a well protected SQL server in the infrastructure of some web startup.

This project, which hasn't got a name yet, is an attempt to solve that.

I am aiming for a RESTfull view of a table of data so that you can change the metadata associated with a graph and a table of data as easily as you can change a wiki.

The first step is to get the data into the webservice and for this I have rewritten SQL COPY. Well, ok. it's a bit more advanced than that.

I am aiming for something that is as easy as this to use:

psql db -c 'SELECT domain, time, count FROM sometable;' \
    | curl -s' \
           -d domain=text \
           -d time='timestamp with timezone' \
           -d count=integer \
           -d data=@-

this example is with Postgresql.

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