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This repository

Nic's clone of nex3's original marmalade. Nic is maintaining this now and updating this repo.

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Marmalade - The free Emacs package archive

Latest news:

Running Marmalade documentation

Here is some stuff Nic uses to manage the node.js/mongodb marmalade instance.

Mongo maintenance

mongodb is so lolsome.

Here's just a few tips.

updating the package owner

Find the new owner's marmalade email address:

use marmalade
db.user.findOne({"_name": "username"})

shows the email address in the structure.

Then find the package:

use marmalade
db.packages.findOne({"_name": "package-name"})

Check the existing owner. You'll probably want to send them an email explaining the change of ownership.

Now update the package:

use marmalade
db.packages.update({"_name": "package-name"}, { $set: { "owners": { "username": "email-address" } } })

Now update the user's package ownership list:

use marmalade
db.users.update({"_name": "username"}, { $push : { "packages": "package-name" } } )


API tokens? how do I change them?

there seems to be a bug about changing API tokens. The API token is stored in the db attached to the user. It's constructed when the user registers and then never changed.


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