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Nic's clone of nex3's original marmalade. Nic is maintaining this now and updating this repo.
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admin example of connecting to mongo from node
doc Key password resets off of emails, not usernames.
elisp Set the default server to
lib #71 fix the front page doc
.gitignore added backup files to the gitignore
.hgtags Added tag 0.0.3 for changeset d5de9a476ec1
GPL3-LICENSE Add a copy of the GPL3.
Makefile bash script to do installs and remove old install stuff from Makefile
config.rb Fancy buttons woo.
marmalade-start start script and install script changes
marmalade-test.el #8 emacs shell script to test marmalade by doing a dummy download
marmalade.js change the mode on marmalade.js
package.json update the version of node we work with.


marmalade - the free Emacs package archive

Marmalade is now hosted on an Elnode application - elmarmalade

You can continue to report issues here, or to the new code repository.

Thanks for your support!

Nic Ferrier, June 2014

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