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@@ -29,9 +29,10 @@ your solution, you see mine is simple enough to do it in five
minutes. Well, have fun!
-{{{md}}} is nowhere near complete yet, and not at all usable for most people
-as any kind of mail tool. If you are interested in the approach
-however, here it is, ready for you to hack on.
+{{{md}}} is getting near usable for the adventurous... but it's not
+usable for end users. I plan to build a number of useragents on top of
+md, including an Emacs client and a Webclient.
== Building md ==
@@ -48,12 +49,20 @@ to make sure you have the latest dependancies.
== Pulling mail into a maildir ==
-md provides a method for pulling mail from a remote
-host. Unfortunately, right now, it only works over ssh so you must
-have an account on the remote host where your mail arrives.
+md provides a method for pulling mail from a maildir source. Currently
+you can only pull a maildir with 2 methods:
-Of course, you could also use pop3 or some such.
+* with direct ssh access like this:
+md -M localmaildir pull ssh://user@hostname/path/to/maildir
+* locally like this:
+md -M localmaildir pull file:///path/to/maildir
== A list of things we may do ==
@@ -65,3 +74,11 @@ would be relatively simple.
Built in filtering: I would like to add a find command to md analagous
to UNIX find. Similar searching and filtering options may be added to
+A sharded md store: we have to use a symlinked system in order to
+support sensible pull strategies. But it would be ideal if our store
+folder was sharded so people with large mailboxes didn't have to wait
+for the ls ever.
+An export command: to convert the symlinked mail store into a straight

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