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Use org as a contact database
Emacs Lisp
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Org-Email for Email storage

org-email is a way of completing email addresses from org-mode files.

Lots of people store email contacts in OrgMode files. Here is how I store mine:

* bill the buck
** email
** partner
*** Gillie The Girl
* lesley lady
** colleague @ woomedia
*** CSS programmer
** partner
*** Jimmy Screws
** email

org-email offers a simple interface to use completion to insert the correct email address of a person in such a database.



M-x package-install [RET] org-email [RET]

I presume you have marmalade-repo installed.

What contact files does it use?

M-x customize-variable [RET] org-email-files

and add whatver files you keep emails in.


Add the function org-email--init-hook to whatever mode you want to complete emails in and it will bind org-email-do-insert to C-SPC.

Update Mon May 27 2013

I've updated the code to include org tags, so you can now use a structure like this:

* list of people
** nic
*** :email:

Anything tagged :email: will be used. This does not let you use a name unfortunately. But it's still useful.

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