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remote call to the bouncer emacs to setup the session

need some sort of listener

could be just emacs daemon stuff tho?

or elnode?

established irc session

hook into data arrival

send to bouncer log

so the job is managing the client connection and the bouncer log

recieve a connection

attach the actual rcirc buffer to it

when stuff arrives in the irc buffer send it back to the socket

when stuff arrives on the socket send it to the irc buffer

from forcer

20:55 <forcer> nicferrier: You need to interpret PING (to stay alive), JOIN/PART/KICK (to tell a connecting client which channels they are on), and QUIT (to reconnect). You might want to interpret PRIVMSG and possibly other messages to keep a log and give a connecting client a backlog. 20:55 *** c0rn_ JOIN 20:55 <forcer> Plus the related numerics 20:55 <forcer> (That was from the top of my head, I might have missed something important)

connect to bouncer from rcirc

connect is




we want pass and user to validate?

nick does not matter

you already have the rcirc config you need tied to the user?

you already have an established rcirc session tied to the user

when we connect from the bouncer to the upstream irc

we need to store these responses for reply

002 - yourhost

003 - created (when the server was created)

004 - myinfo

005 - bounce (info on where to make alternative connections)

## T -> [AP] 001 nicferrier :Welcome to the freenode Internet Relay Chat Network nicferrier.

and issue these commands



bouncer start

look up config

add ‘rcirc-receive-message-hooks hook

called like:

process cmd sender args text

use it to store the data from 002, 003, 004, 005

where do we store them?

on the process plist?

(defun rcirc-bouncer–receive-hook (process cmd sender args text) (message “rcirc bouncer hook: [%s] [%s] [%s] %s” cmd sender args text))

use rcirc-connect with the config of the bouncer