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AO Damage Meter

Real-time graphical damage meter for the sci-fi MMORPG Anarchy Online.

Latest release here (built for W10, but it probably works on W7 too).

Video demonstration here.

Manual log window configuration process here, in case auto-configure doesn't work.


  • Automatically configures combat log windows/files. If you have one already it'll find it, otherwise it'll create one for you.
  • Pulls in player bios from on the fly so you get nice tooltips, icons, and color coding.
  • Aggregates pets with masters using a naming convention (a pet named "Reimagine's robo" is by convention a pet of the player "Reimagine"), but exposes individualized pet/master detail rows when the master's row is expanded.
  • The interface looks pretty similar to AO's.
  • And the basics like pausing fights, viewing historical fights, scripts, and detailed stats for pretty much everything.
  • Update 1.1: Supports dynamically adding pets to yourself or others.
  • Update 1.1: Includes special handling to make the damage done by/taken from crat charms more accurate.
  • Update 1.2: Adds damage type breakdown to tooltips to help you determine the optimal reflect bracer/ShieldAC/AC choices for a given encounter.
  • Update 1.3: Separates regulars (normals, crits, glances) and specials in weapon damage %-breakdown to help evaluate the benefit of crit increase/decrease.
  • Update 1.3: Tracks nano interrupts (requires System channel).
  • Update 1.4: Tracks regular blockers from Keeper Ward nanos, improving accuracy of hit chance and hit attempt statistics (requires System channel).
  • Update 1.4.1: Fixed character info and auto-configure problems when playing on Rubi-Ka 2019.


Left-clicking on a row navigates down a level into its sub-rows and right-clicking anywhere navigates in reverse. Left-clicking on row icons is used to expand detail rows, like the individualized pet/master rows mentioned above, or a preview of the rows that would be revealed by left-clicking on the row itself (in certain contexts).

Hover over the left text or the right text of any row to reveal relevant informational tooltips. All data is exposable through a single script, /aodm. To populate the script with data, ctrl+left-click on any left tooltip, the middle part of a row (if it has sub-rows), or any right tooltip. The corresponding data is copied to your clipboard and into the /aodm script. Just type "/aodm" in-game or create a macro like "/macro aodm /aodm" to share the data.

Ctrl+right-click on a row when in the Damage Done view to add that character as your pet. Ctrl+shift+right-click a row, then ctrl+shift+right-click a second row to add the first character as a pet of the second character. Ctrl+right-click on any pet detail row to unassign the pet.


Real-time graphical damage meter for the sci-fi MMORPG Anarchy Online.








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