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A smooth little jQuery plugin to scroll to any element. Works nicely with internal anchors and falls back gracefully in the absence of JavaScript.

The Scenario

Let's say you have a page with a bunch of internal anchors, like this:

    <a href="#cheese">Cheese</a>
    <a href="#ham">Ham</a>

And you had matching elements like so:

<section id="cheese">
  Cheese is nice.
<section id="ham">
  Ham, not so much.

Clicking the anchors would make the site jump to the correct section. This is the default behaviour. It would be much nicer though if the scroll could be animated a little, so the user get's a sense of what's happening.

Enter scroll_to.js

Scroll_to.js will allow you to scroll to any element. By default the href attribute is used to determine the scroll anchor, but you can override this.


Let's convert all internal anchors to scroll_to anchors.

First import:

<script src="scroll_to.js"></script>

Now within your jQuery, hook up every internal anchor. Do something like:

$(function() {

This will apply scroll_to to every internal anchor, but not to anchors in which the href attribute is just a #. eg:

<a href="#cheese">Cheese</a>

will be hooked up, but not

<a href="#">Some other link</a>

Scrolling elsewhere

If you'd like to choose where to scroll to, you can do this too. Just set a data-scroll-to attribute, so we might have:

My Site