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State machines in Scheme
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Deterministic finite automata (DFAs) and pushdown automata (PDAs) in Scheme.


The following pushdown automaton recognizes inputs with an equal number of as and bs.

(define transitions
'(((equal  a ()) (more-a (push $)))
  ((equal  b ()) (more-b (push $)))
  ((more-a a $)   (more-a (push a)))
  ((more-a a a)   (more-a (push a)))
  ((more-a b a)   (more-a pop))
  ((more-a b $)   (equal  pop))
  ((more-b b $)   (more-b (push b)))
  ((more-b b b)   (more-b (push b)))
  ((more-b a b)   (more-b pop))
  ((more-b a $)   (equal  pop))))
(define pda
  (make-pda 'equal '(equal) transitions))

; Run the pda on the input "aababbba"
(run-pda '(a a b a b b b a) pda) ; outputs #t

The format of the transitions map is a list of lists (of lists of lists...). Each entry has as its first item a list of the form (state input-item stack-item). The second item is another list of the form (state operation), where operation is either pop (pop the stack), noop (do nothing), or a list of the form (push item), where item is whatever you want to push onto the stack.

For example:

((start 2 +) (continue (push 2)))

means that when in state start, if the current input is 2 and the top item on the stack is +, push 2 onto the stack and goto the continue state.


Copyright (c) 2011, Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock. All rights reserved.

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