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Government Purpose Classification - SKOS

This is a SKOS representation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Government Purpose Classification (GPC), online in its original form at the ABS' website as Revised Government Purpose Classification 2006.

Repository Contents

This repository contains the following:

  • gpc.ttl - the GPC, in SKOS, in RDF turtle format
  • - this file
  • resources/ - a folder containing resource/reference material, such as the HTML code of the GPC webpage and interim files showing data processed from it used to generate this SKOS implementation of the GPC
  • LICENSE - Creative Commons v4.0 license deed - for this repository's contents

Rights & License

The content of this repository is licensed for use under the Creative Commons 4.0 License. See the license deed all details.

Please note that the content of GPC itself is copyright of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Product owner - of the original GPC:
Australian Bureau of Statistics

SKOS vocabulary creator
Nicholas Car
Data System Architect
SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd

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