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This small repository contains a tiny Python Flask project to render PROV ontology data as a nde and edge graph using Scalable Vector Graphics. The main toolkit used is the vis.js JavaScript visualisation toolkit.

Here is an example of output using the file test_prune_11.ttl:

example output

Only the basic three PROV classes (Entity, Activity & Agent) are supported for now so for use with specialised classes such as prov:Plan or prov:Person, you will need to add the superclass type.

Other classes such as prov:Association will be added eventually or on request!

Using this repository

Software requirements

This repository works with Python 3.6 and the packages listed in requirements.txt.


This code is supplied under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. See LICENSE for the specifics.


If you would like to refer to this repository, please do so using the URI A standard software repository citation might look like:

Car, N.J. (2017) PROV SVG. Python 3.6 Flask code Repository using Git version control. Available online at, accessed yyyy-mm-dd.


Nicholas Car
Geoscience Australia