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Docker-in-Docker with web-based access
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This image provides Docker-in-Docker with web-based access using Shell In A Box including sockguard to mitigate host breakouts.


The following command builds shellinabox based on the latest stable version of Docker:

docker build --tag shellinabox .

To select a specific version of Docker, supply DOCKER_VERSION as build argument:

docker build --tag shellinabox:18.09 --build-arg DOCKER_VERSION=18.09 .

DOCKER_VERSION defaults to stable.


By default, shellinabox is published on port 4200:

docker run -d --privileged --publish 80:4200 shellinabox

Overriding the following environment variables, forces the shell to under the specified user and group:

docker run -d --privileged --env SHELL_USER=groot --env SHELL_GROUP=groot --publish 80:4200 shellinabox

By default, sockguard prevents privileged containers as well as bind mounts. If you need those, sockguard can be disabled:

docker run -d --privileged --env ENABLE_SOCKGUARD=false shellinabox
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