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Warbanderz Clan Management Tool

Personal project made with Vue.js, Vuetify and Firebase Firestore, Auth and Functions. This is my attempt at a clan management tool and was done as a learning project for vue.js, vuetify and firebase.

This project started after we outgrew the capacities of our google spreadsheet. Every time we had to deal with the sheet it was a nightmare and things were sluggish. It's a management tool made for my runescape clan so we can track our members participation and other important info.

The site has few components: Members list, Point log, Removed member list, edit member and delete member form.

The Member List 1

This is composed of all the info we need to store from each member. Also, every person gets a point upon participation on events we host daily so I needed a way to give to points fast and quick (the + and - signs). We also needed a quick link to the edit page and the delete form (pencil and trashcan icons). We also needed a quick way to add a new member which is the plus sign at the bottom.

The Point Log 2

This page shows the last 25 points either added or removed, just a way to keep track of what happened.

Edit Member Page 3

This page is needed for when we need to change rank or name or any other important info that is not just giving a point.

Delete Member Page 4

On this page we have a form with the member info we chose to keep and an input field to enter the reason for why we removing them.

The Removed List 5

After a member is removed all their info is showed on this page for quick access if needed.

It is currently being developed and is not in any away a finished product. Sadly there is no demo.


Clan Management Tool Made for my Runescape Clan. Made with Vue.js, Vuetify and Firebase






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