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repository overview

this is an implementation of the matching software used for the annual Crush Party event at Rice University


  • python3
  • latexmk


  1. update the format.txt document (several examples available)
    • the keys define the type of information, and the values define the name of the column in which that information resides (example: name: B means that the names of the participants reside in Column B)
    • if multiple columns holds related but different information for a given key, separate those columns with a space (example: matches1: F G) and specify the sub-type of each of those columns below (example: F: Romantic)
    • if multiple columns holds the exact same type of information, you can concatenate those column names with OR-notation (example: I|J|K: Major)
  2. update the questions.txt document (several examples available)
    • the matrix at the top defines how similar answer choices are to one another
    • the text below define which question and answers the matrix is in reference to
    • the SPACING of this file is very important
      • there should be ZERO newlines at the top of the file
      • there should be TWO newlines at the bottom of the file
      • there should be ONE newline between each section of the file
    • the CONTENTS of this file is very important; make sure the text in this file EXACTLY matches the text in the data.csv file (whether ... is typed as one character or three, whether ' is typed as a straight vertical quote or a curved "smart" quote, typos and spelling mistakes, etc)
  3. move the data into the top-level-folder and name it data.csv
  4. run the matching software: python3
  5. compile the results: cd results then make
  6. print the documents and enjoy the event!


matching software for Rice's "Crush Party"




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