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A ridiculously simplistic and overly-buggy text-mode AppDotNet client in Python.


quadrant currently relies on Python's built-in urllib2. That means SSL certificates are not checked, so man-in-the-middle attacks are somewhere between possible and certain.

At some point soon, I'll add pycurl support, resolving this issue.


  • Python 2.7
  • Blessings (pip/easy_install)
  • GNU Readline or editlib.

Running quadrant

Put the quadrant directory in your PYTHONPATH. Run the quadrant script in bin/. Try quadrant -h

quadrant can run a single command from the command line, or launch an interactive shell. If run with no arguments, it starts a shell, where commands start with '/' (try /help).

~/githubrepos/quadrant$ PYTHONPATH=. bin/quadrant whois nknight
nknight -- Nicholas Knight -- 


distutils may come later. Maybe. If I feel like it.

Authenticating exclusively uses oAuth2, which requires use of a browser (sigh). So here's what you have to do:

  • Run
  • Ignore, for now, the warning about not being able to load an access token.
  • Type /auth
  • Copy & Paste the URL into a browser
  • Grant access
  • You'll be redirected to, but at the end of your address bar will be the access token.
  • Copy the access token and paste it into ~/.quadrant_access_token. That file should consist of the access token and nothing else.

Known Issues

  • Insecure per above.
  • Doesn't save/cache anything (well, aside from in your terminal scrollback buffer...).
  • Crashes when terminal resizes. Yay.
  • General error handling and UX is... not great.
  • Oh, and I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to readline and really any sort of complex terminal development. So utterly not my field.

Other Notes

  • Patches that make 2to3 work better without making the code uglier than it already is will be cheerfully accepted. I won't be breaking 2.7 support anytime soon, though.
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