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* MySQL database settings
$db_name = 'obblmdb';
$db_user = 'root';
$db_passwd = '';
$db_host = 'localhost';
* Global settings
For help visit
For LOCAL settings, ie. per league settings, edit the localsettings/settings_<LEAGUE ID>.php files.
$settings['site_name'] = 'My OBBLM portal'; // Site name.
$settings['default_visitor_league'] = 1; // ID of default league to show on front page when not logged in OR coach has not selected a home league.
$settings['default_leagues'] = array(1); // When creating a coach the coach will automatically become a regular coach in leagues with these IDs.
$settings['hide_ES_extensions'] = false; // Default is false. Hides ES (Extra Stats) tables and ES references.
$rules['bank_threshold'] = 0; // Default is 0 (banking rule disabled). Amount of team treasury in kilos (k) above which it will count towards the team value (TV). NOTE: 1) This feature is not yet available on a per-league basis, it works across all leagues! 2) When changing this value run "Re-install DB back-end procedures and functions" under "DB maintenance" from the "Admin -> Core panel" menu.
$rules['force_IR'] = false; // Default is false. Setting this to true will remove the ability of selecting 0-0 as 2D6 injury rolls (IR) in match reports (of all leagues).
Game data - additional races
OBBLM uses LRB6 by default.
In addition you can include the custom races below. Simply change the keywords "false" to "true" (without apostrophes).
$settings['custom_races'] = array(
'Brettonia' => false,
'Daemons of khorne' => false,
'Apes of wrath' => false,
* House ranking systems
Please visit
before you edit the below settings.
// Rule #1
$hrs[1]['rule'] = array('-pts', '-td', '+smp'); // Sort teams against: most points, then most TDs and then least sportsmanship points.
$hrs[1]['points'] = '3*[won] + 2*[draw] + 1*[lost]'; // The definition of points.
// Rule #2
$hrs[2]['rule'] = array('-pts', '-ki', '-mvp'); // Sort teams against: most points, then most killed and then by most MVPs.
$hrs[2]['points'] = '2*[gf] - 1*[ga]'; // The definition of points.
// Rule #3
$hrs[3]['rule'] = array('-sdiff', '-smp'); // Sort teams against: largest score difference, then most sportsmanship points.
$hrs[3]['points'] = ''; // Points not used.
// Add you own rules here...