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@@ -6,22 +6,6 @@ To install this software please edit the settings.php file so that it fits your
Afterwards run install.php from a web-browser which will setup MySQL for OBBLM.
It is recommended that you delete the install.php file when done.
Here is a small guide if you are not sure on how to actually use and "start" OBBLM:
OBBLM is a web application which means that it is run from a web browser.
The browser you open must load the OBBLM pages from a webserver, which can be ANY computer with webserver software installed on it.
The webserver software itself depends on another piece of software to interpret the OBBLM program files. This interpretation software is called PHP.
Now you are almost ready to go. OBBLM depends on yet another piece of software to store your league data (in a database) for later retrieval. This software is called MySQL.
By installing all three from above you are all set.
Installation guide for MySQL, PHP and Apache (webserver):
Please note that by installing the above dependent software, you are able to use OBBLM without internet access!
@@ -2,3 +2,5 @@ README
Please read the disclaimer in the "OBBLM" link before using OBBLM.
For help see the help.html file.
@@ -92,7 +92,10 @@
This is useful if you and your league wish to avoid starting from scratch in order to use OBBLM.<br>
<u>Note</u>: If you discover errors after having imported your team, you can either repair the errors<br>
via the admin tools in the coach corner, or simply delete the team and import a new.<br>
<u>Note</u>: The team import feature is <b>not</b> meant to be a way for you to import the entire state of your league, with stats, into OBBLM.<br>
It's meant to be an easy way of getting your existing teams into OBBLM without having to re-create the teams from scratch ie. buying players, buying team stuff, selecting player skills etc..<br>
The fact that you may specify won, lost and draw games etc. for a imported team is merely to make the team pages of imported teams reflect the actual team progress - it
does not allow you to integreate the imported team's stats with the future collected stats via OBBLM in, for example, the standings tables.
<hr align="left" width="200px">
Import a team by filling in a <a href="xml/import.xml">XML schema</a> (right click on link --> save as) and uploading it.<br>
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<title>OBBLM help</title>
<body style='font-size:10pt;'>
<h1>OBBLM help</h1>
<hr width='20%' align='left'>
<a href='#req'>Requirements</a><br>
<a href='#ins'>Installing</a><br>
<a href='#upg'>Upgarding</a><br>
<a href='#set'>Setup</a><br>
<hr width='20%' align='left'><br>
<a name='req'><b>Requirements</b></a>
OBBLM requires a webserver with PHP 5.1+ and MySQL 5+.<br>
<a name='ins'><b>Installing</b></a>
Run the <i>install.php</i> file from your web browser and follow <i>all</i> instructions.
<a name='upg'><b>Upgarding</b></a>
Run the <i>upgrade.php</i> file from your web browser and follow <i>all</i> instructions.
<a name='set'><b>Setup</b></a>
In order to begin using OBBLM there are a few things you must do first.<br>
Following this guide will help you setup OBBLM for your league and give you a feeling of how OBBLM works.<br>
<li>To start with please create the leagues and divisions you will be using with OBBLM. This is done under the menu item: "Admin -> Management: Leagues & divisions".<br><br></li>
<li>Now, OBBLM has two types of settings files. The <i>global</i> settings file, and the <i>local</i> settings files.<br>
The global settings file, <i>settings.php</i>, contains settings that apply across all leagues.<br>
The local settings files, located at <i>localsettings/settings_&lt;LEAGUE ID&gt;.php</i>, are individual league settings. There should exist <u>one for each league</u>.<br>
Setting up these settings files should be easy since they are self-documented.<br><br>
<li>The next thing is to create the league users/coaches. This is done under the menu item "Admin -> Management: User management".<br><br></li>
<li>You are now ready to go. Further instructions and FAQs can be found under the menu item "OBBLM". Good luck.</li>

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