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No changes have been made to Chemlogic features. This release is simply a re-organization of the Chemlogic source tree.


  • Building:
    • Building is now performed using make, instead of a custom shell script. This should, hopefully, make it easier to maintain the build process in the future.
    • Chemlogic builds are now tagged using a Buildinfo file to, hopefully, make it possible for me to figure out how I built a certain release.
  • Documentation:
    • The formatting of all of the Markdown program notes (README, TODO, etc.) has been corrected.
    • The original source files (LyX, TeX, BibTeX) for the Chemlogic papers has been located and included in the release.
  • Repository tools: a few scripts have been included with Git repository to simplify building. They are not distributed with the release
    • runtags: Automatically generates CTags when a commit is made. CTags allow for jumping between predicates in Vim.
    • repotrack: When I work on Chemlogic using different computers, I often forget the state of the various clones. This tool reports the state of my repositories and their locations to my Git server.
  • Web Interface:
    • Style files are now searched for in the PREFIX (e.g /usr/local), then the current directory. This allows the style files to be installed properly on UNIX systems, instead of being slammed into the current directory.
    • The Web Daemon interface no longer duplicates the style files from the Web interface -- they are now linked.