MintPhoto is a simple PHP photo gallery. It automatically reads photo captions from EXIF data and comes with many themes. It supports multiple galleries and clean URLs. It is easy to install, theme and configure.
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# README for MintPhoto 0.43
*(C) Copyright 2009-2011 Nicholas Paun. All Rights Reserved.*

## Contents ##

1. Issues
2. How to Install
3. Gallery Setup
4. About the Themes
5. Changelog
6. Contact

## 1. Issues/Roadmap ##

* Needs Administration interface for galleries (0.44)
* Media RSS Support (0.44)

## 2. How to Install ##

1. Run `./install`
2. Read *Gallery Setup*
3. Modify example configuration to your needs
4. Generate gallery
5. Try it out!

## 3. Gallery Setup ##

1. Create a configuration file for your gallery. (You can set a title, stylesheet and photo/thumb directories)
2. Run `thumbify` (from `tools/`) to generate thumbnails.
3. Add the gallery to ``
4. Use `commentify` (from `tools/`) to set captions

## 4. About the Themes ##

* The Minty theme is the default MintPhoto theme. It has a light minty-green background and a clean look.
  *The header image is a small slice from the header of the Linuxmint Project*
* Minimal is a simple grey and white theme that can be used for testing.
* Postcards is the latest MintPhoto theme. It uses CSS3 to create drop shadows for a scrapbook effect.
  *Idea for the drop shadow: <>*

## 5. Changelog ##

* 0.43
	* Slashes are now allowed in gallery names
	* Previous/Next buttons have been added photo pages
	* Automatic Index pages have been added and are themable
	* Adds *postcards* and *minimal* themes

* 0.42
	* Supports multiple galleries
	* Includes *minty* theme

## 6. Contact ##
Nicholas Paun <>, <>