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This is a example of build rest api with spray.


  • Device registration api

    • AC:
      • save PlatformEndpointArn for each device
      • returns device id
  • App registration

    • Assumption:

      • PlatformPrincipal is provided
      • PlatformCredential is provided
    • AC:

      • register app and save PlatformApplicationArn
  • Push API

    • AC:
      • receive device id and message
      • message got delivered

API Doc:

Register device:
POST  http://localhost:8080/devices

    "token" : "",
    "platform": "apple"

List registered devices:

GET  http://localhost:8080/devices

send push message:
POST  http://localhost:8080/notifications

  "subject" : "lalala",
  "message": "hope not disturb you :)"

{ "target":"arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:369407384105:endpoint/APNS_SANDBOX/xiaojun_push/d81ba6c5-d462-3f0c-bfef-54e9552872bf", "subject" : "lalala", "message": "hope not disturb you :)" }

android: arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:369407384105:endpoint/GCM/xiaojun_push_android/387ac670-8750-30d4-8d5b-0a0a1e90b2ca

applie:  arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-2:369407384105:endpoint/APNS_SANDBOX/xiaojun_push/d81ba6c5-d462-3f0c-bfef-54e9552872bf

Thoughts on Actor:

  • actor is good for asynchronous operation, don't need to care about return value

  • actor is good for scalable work

  • you need to define a segregation line between synchronize code and actor(asynchronize) code.

  • if you care about the return value of a actor, you may want to imply ask pattern

  • Future could also be used to represent a time-consuming operation, and use mapTo method to collect the result of Future

  • json serialization/deserialization, use spray-json, have to import a XXXJsonProtocol to get implicit Marshaller/Unmarshaller while defining routes