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Kudos Photo

Originally Designed, built and programmed by Nick Mosher (@nicholastmosher). He wrote a long detailed blog post about building it.

Kudos is a 4 wheel, XBOX controller controlled Robot. The system is build using Arduino as the main control.

Currently uses the Kudos360 code to control it.

How to Use it

  • First turn on the battery pack in the clear housing. This will power the arduino and its components.
  • Power up and pair the Xbox Controller. You should see the controller displaying as player one when paired.
  • Flip the black reset switch on the front left corner of the frame. This powers on the motors.
  • Have fun. Try not to blast any shins.

Xbox Controller

Currently Kudos requires the use of an Xbox 360 Wireless controller.

Q: Can I use a wired Xbox 360 Controller?

A: Not currently. In the current configuration a wired controller pulls too much power from the system due to a broken voltage regulator on the Arduino.

Q: Can I use an XBOX One Controller?

A: Not currently. We use XBOX 360 specific packages
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