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Nicholas Young

The official website of voice-over actor, photographer, filmmaker, and producer Nicholas Young.


GitHub is the best place to host your project, period, open-source or otherwise. While I don't allow direct copying of the code in this repository, I want to share it here for the following reasons:

  • Authoring semantic HTML and clean stylesheets can be hard, especially for newcomers to the world of web design. I was a novice once, and finding solid examples was difficult. I'm not perfect, and nor is this site, but I hope someone can learn from what I've authored.

  • It's cool to look at other people's code, and see where you made a bad decision. Even for experienced developers, this is a moment of enlightenment.

  • Closed systems suck. Even when I build private software, I try to share as many pieces as possible.

That said, please treat the intellectual property in this repo with respect. I trust that you will.


© Copyright 2013 Nicholas Young. All rights reserved.

Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or modification of the source files contained in this repository, without prior authorization, is prohibited. Please read and learn, but don't copy without authorization.