Free your photos from Kodak Pulse.
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Kodak Pulse Downloader

Free your photographs from Kodak Pulse's lock-in before their servers shutdown for good!

Getting Started

To start, clone this repository to a comfortable working directory.

cd path/to/cool/dir
git clone

Next, download the required python dependencies listed in requirements.txt.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now, we're ready to start downloading. Be sure to replace [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] with your Kodak Pulse username and password.

scrapy runspider spiders/ -a username=[USERNAME] -a password=[PASSWORD]

If login was successful, your Kodak pulse images will be downloaded to the images/ directory. Relish in a celebratory cup of coffee knowing that your photos are now in your control once again. ☕


You can configure the destination directory by modifying the IMAGES_STORE configuration value in the file.

# Original
IMAGES_STORE = 'images'

# New
IMAGES_STORE = 'totaly/rad/relative/directory'