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Simply deploy PSGI web applications
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padadoy is a simple command line application to deploy PSGI applications. In short, padadoy is just a layer on top of git, Starman, and Carton.

This is an early preview - be warned!

Your application must be managed in a git repository that should conform to the following layout, inspired by the PaaS providers dotCloud and OpenShift. You can create a boilerplate with padadoy create.

   app.psgi      - application startup script
   lib/          - local perl modules (at least the actual application)
   t/            - unit tests
   Makefile.PL   - used to determine required modules and to run tests

deplist.txt      - a list of perl modules required to run (o)
data/            - persistent data (o)

dotcloud.yml     - basic configuration for dotCloud (o)

libs -> app/lib  - symlink for OpenShift (o)
perl/      - CGI script to run app.psgi for OpenShift (o)
deplist.txt -> app/deplist.txt - symlink for OpenShift (o)

.openshift/      - hooks for OpenShift (o)
   action_hooks/ - scripts that get run every git push (o)

This directory layout helps to easy deploy on multiple platforms. Files and directories marked by (o) are optional, depending on what platform you want to deploy to.

Padadoy facilitates deploying to your own servers just like a PaaS provider. On the deployment machine there is a directory with the following structure:

repository/      - the bare git repository that the app is pushed to
current -> ...   - symbolic link to the current working directory
new -> ...       - symbolic link to the new working directory on updates
padadoy.yml      - local configuration

You can create this layout with padadoy remote init. After adding the remote repository as git remote, you can simply deploy new versions with git push.

The documentation at CPAN, as generated from lib/App/ contains more details.

Feel free to fork and submit patches and issues!

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