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\usepackage{acroterm}% muste be loaded *after* splitidx
\usepackage[pdfborder={0 0 0},colorlinks]{hyperref}
This documents demonstrated the use of acroterm package with index generation.
It contains some acronyms like \aterm{RTFM}{read the f*cking manual} and the
non-explained \acro{FOO}, some terms like \tacro{user-centered design}{UCD}
and `\term{buzzword}', and the two indexes.
\term*{foo}\Term*{Bar}% not printed
\Term{Dummy} is also an important term.
This is the second page. It contains the acronmy \acro{RTFM}, that stands
for \acroexpand{RTFM}, and the term \term{user-centered design} to test
additional references.
\acroexpand[This is an expanded acronym: ]{UCD}
\acroexpand[This is an expanded acronym: ]{XYZ}