LaTeX package to manage acronyms and terms
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Acroterm LaTeX package

This package is intended to support the use of acronyms and terms to explain in LaTeX documents. See acroterm.pdf for details.


Essentially, this package provides four new commands, to be used as:



\tacro{situation normal: all fucked up}{SNAFU}

\aterm{SNAFU}{situation normal: all fucked up}

Two of them support an optional parameter for indexing:

\term[Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures]{Potrzebie System}

\tacro[Gang of Four (Patterns)]{Gang of Four}{GoF}

For each command there is a strong variant that starts with an uppercase:



\Tacro{situation normal: all fucked up}{SNAFU}

\Aterm{SNAFU}{situation normal: all fucked up}


To use this package in documents located in any directory, you have to move the file acroterm.sty into a directory searched by LaTeX. Usual locations are /usr/share/texmf and /usr/local/share/texmf, or ~/texmf. Afterwards you should run `texthash'.

To newly create the file acroterm.sty, call at the command line:

$ make



  • Added acronym expansion


  • Unstable Development version


The curent release versions of this package is available from CTAN:

Development and historical versions are available from GitHub:

Please report bugs and feature suggestions to the issue tracker:


The Acroterm package is released under the LaTeX Project Public License version 1.3c or greater. The current maintainer is Jakob Voß.

Copyright 2010 Jakob Voß