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Lua library to handle PICA+ data
Copy the contents of the 'lib' directory (at least 'pica.lua') into a
location on your LUA_PATH.
The following script ('example.lua') shows how to use the library:
require 'pica'
r ="*all") -- read from standard input
record = r ) -- parses a PICA+ record
-- get the first matching field
f = record:first('007G') -- alternatively: record["007G"]
if f.ok then -- check whether not empty and valid tag
print( f.tag ) -- get field's tag ('007G')
print( f.occ ) -- get field's occurrence
print( f.full ) -- get field's tag and occurrence combined
print( f['c']..f['0'] ) -- get subfield values (or '')
print( f.c ) -- short for f['c']
-- directly get a subfield value (or the empty string)
year = record:first('001@','a')
-- easy conversion from PICA+ to key-value structures
dcrecord, errors = record:map {
title = {'!021A','a'}, -- must be exactely one value
subject = {'*041A','8'}, -- optional any number of values
language = {'010@','a'} -- first matching value, if any
-- use fields locators and custom filters to select fields
gndfields = record:all('041A', function(f) return f.S == 's' end )
-- filter and transform subfield values with filters
notations = record:all('045Q','8', {find = '(%d%d\.%d%d)'} )
-- filter and transform subfield value
f = record:first('028A')
nametype = f[ { 'f', format="(%s)" } ]
print( f:join(' ', -- join selected subfields, separated by space
{'e','d','a','5', -- collect these subfields (if given) in this order
{ 'f', format='(%s)' } }) ) -- also with filters
For a more detailed tutorial have a look at the project wiki at
The file 'lib/picaconv.lua' contains a command line script to convert
PICA+ records. The first command line argument must be a concrete lua
conversion script somewhere where lua can find it. The shell script
'picaconv' sets the LUA_PATH variable for this purpose, so you can you
use all conversion scripts in the 'scripts' directory like this:
$ picaconv <script> <picafile>
API Documentation
For convenience the branch 'gh-pages' contains automatically generated
documentation, that is published at
The API documentation is generated with LuaDoc. However, LuaDoc has
not been updated since years. I added some patches, so you get get a
fixed version of LuaDoc at
$ git clone git://
$ cd luadoc
$ make install
You can then generate documentation with:
$ make doc
Feedback and updates
please visit