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Create Knowledge Organization Systems in SKOS from StackExchange tags
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This repository includes tags and tag descriptions from StackExchange sites converted to knowledge organization systems in SKOS format.

Tags in StackExchange

StackExchange is a network of Questions & Answers websites. Questions in each website are collaboratively indexed by social tagging in a set-model (each question is assigned a set of tags that users of the community can edit). StackExchange tags can be described with a short excerpt, a more detailed text, and they may have synonyms. Tags can be edited by the community. The content of all StackExhange websites, including tags and tag descriptions is licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Repository outline

data/                     - downloaded and transformed tagging data          - script to download tags           - transform downloaded tags to SKOS             - create a graph of the SKOS thesaurus

lib/StackExchange/  - tiny wrapper of StackExchange API

From Tags to SKOS

Although Jeff Atwood was against hierarchical links between tags, these relations are supported if given in a tag wiki with Unicode upwards/downwards arrows (↑/↓). Mappings to other knowledge organization systems are also added.


sample graph from

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