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Object-Role Modeling diagrams in TeX

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  tkz-orm -- Object-Role Modeling diagrams in TeX 
  version 0.1.2, February 21th, 2011

== ABOUT =======================================================

See the file tkz-orm.pdf for a manual.

The permanent URL of this package is:

Source code repository and issue tracker are located at:

== INSTALLATION =================================================

The current version of tkz-orm requires at least TikZ 2.1. You
can get it from Put the 
content of the zip ( in your local 
texmf directory, for instance ~/texmf or /usr/share/texmf/.

To install tkz-orm you can use the Makefile and run 

$ sudo make install

or copy the file tkz-orm.sty into directory tex/latex/tkz-orm in
your local texmf directory and run $ sudo texhash afterwards.

== LICENSE ======================================================

The code of this package is is dual-license under

   a) The GNU Public License, version 2
   b) The LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c
The rest of this package is available under multiple licenses.

See the file LICENSE for details.

== MANIFEST =====================================================

  tkz-orm.sty        - code of this package (LaTeX style file)
  tkz-orm.pdf        - manual in PDF format
  tkz-orm.tex        - LaTeX source of the manual
  tkz-orm.bib        - BibTeX source of the manual
  ormcheatsheet.tex  - ORM2 cheat sheet (sources)
  ormcheatsheet.pdf  - ORM2 cheat sheet in PDF format
  pgfmanualstyle.sty - Style file to build the manual
  LICENSE            - information about licenses of this package
  Makefile           - makefile for various tasks
  README             - this file

== FEEDBACK =====================================================

Please report bug reports and feature requests at
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