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FeelsLike (Windchill)

Available on the App Store


  • Dead simple design
  • Supports US and SI
  • Selects unit system automatically based on locale
  • Shows the current conditions
  • Tap current conditions to set calculator to those values

Neat tricks

  • Use babel-plugin-transform-inline-environment-variables to inline process.env.VAR. Super useful for enabling features at build time.
  • Add support for environment variables in .env by adding [[ -s "../.env" ]] && source "../.env" to Build Phases > Bundle React Native code and images in Xcode

App Store Release

  • Update changelog readme
  • npm version VERSION
  • Archive and upload
  • git push && git push --tags



  • Attempt to calculate windchill with out of bounds temperature instead of showing error
  • Fix gauge not animating to correct value when toggling between units
  • Allow gauge to be scrolled to out of bounds values
  • Save unit system preferences but default to current locale


  • Adjust current conditions contrast


  • Fix large text centering
  • Fix error when calculated windchill was zero


  • Fix 3-digit numbers wrapping
  • Adjust layout for small and large screens
  • Increase max speed
  • Increase temperature range (-50 from 0)
  • Set units to device locale automatically
  • Add support for tapping conditions to set values


  • Initial release


2016 Nic Haynes