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Primary components

  • Installer
  • Low level system API
  • CLI
  • Web App
  • Addons


curl -L | bash

  • Grabs tgz
  • Runs installpkg
  • Symlinks bin/boxcar


  • Persistence is tricky. production.db should be served from /boot/boxcar/db.
  • Forms that modify the system should be abstracted and reused by CLI


Example usage

  • boxcar update
  • boxcar addons
  • boxcar addons:add ADDON
  • boxcar addons:update ADDON
  • boxcar users
  • boxcar users:add USER
  • boxcar users:delete USER
  • boxcar shares
  • boxcar shares:add NAME
  • boxcar system:uptime
  • boxcar system:cpu


Current plugins are mostly written in PHP. A boxcar specific system should require only minimal changes to port. If a plugin has system calls, that should all stay in tact. ...or something

boxcar.json - define a plugin for Boxcar

  "name": "Transmission", // required
  "version": "1.0.0",     // required
  "description": "Transmission daemon and settings",
  "install": "path/to/",
  "dependencies": {
    "gcc": "4.5.2",
    "git": ">="

Register addon

boxcar addons:register NAME ENDPOINT
  • Endpoint should be a git repo
  • Cloned, packed (for easy reinstall after reboot), and installed. Source removed.

Since packages could contain malicious code, there should be a way for packages to be officially verified. Ideally all addons would be verified, but this is probably not possible.

Possibly search for potentially suspicious code like exec()?

Example install:

$ boxcar addons:add transmission
Downloading               (git clone transmission.git /boot/config/plugins/transmission)
Installing dependencies   (Parse boxcar.json, loop through dependencies.)
Packing                   (makepkg transmission)
Installing                (installpkg transmission)
                          (Run transmission
                          (Remove /boot/config/plugins/transmission directory)
                          (Restart services?)