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Using Jasmine with the asset pipeline

Jasmine does not currently support the asset pipeline, but there's a lovely gem called jasmine-rails that will give us this support. Used in conjunction with jasmine-headless-webkit, you can run your specs in Terminal, similar to rspec rather than in the browser (and it's fast!).

Add to your Gemfile

First, lets add the necessary dependencies.

group :development, :test do
  gem 'jasmine-rails'
  gem 'jasmine-headless-webkit'

Initialize jasmine

jasmine init

Then remove the extra files it generates.

rm -rf spec/javascripts/helpers spec/javascripts/PlayerSpec.js
rm -rf public/javascripts/Player.js public/javascripts/Song.js

Update jasmine.yml

Because we're using the asset pipeline, we need to tell jasmine where our assets are.

src_dir: app/assets/javascripts

  - vendor/assets/javascripts

  - "vendor/**/*.{js,coffee}"
  - "lib/**/*.{js,coffee}"
  - "app/**/*.{js,coffee}"

  - "**/*[Ss]pec.{js,coffee}"

  - "helpers/**/*.{js,coffee}"

spec_dir: spec/javascripts

Make a sanity test

At this point, jasmine should be working. Lets make a sanity test to check. Create a file in spec/javascripts called

describe "Sanity Check", ->
  it "demonstrates a successful test", ->
    expect(1).toEqual 1

Then run jasmine-headless-webkit -c (that -c is for color).

Running Jasmine specs...
PASS: 1 test, 0 failures, 0.007 secs.


A note on OSX Lion

If you're using Lion, you'll likely get a message like...

Can't load, the file may be broken. which case you'll want to load the gem directly from Github.

gem 'jasmine-headless-webkit', :git =>

In some cases you may even need to install from source. Don't worry, it's not hard!

git clone
cd jasmine-headless-webkit
gem build jasmine-headless-webkit.gemspec
gem install jasmine-headless-webkit.gem
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