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@@ -245,6 +245,13 @@ Would you have a specific part of your code where your models can not be accesse
models.human == joli.models.get('human');
+### Are there demo joli.js applications in the wild?
+There are at the moment three open source applications using joli.js:
+* [xavccMobileApp]( is an url shortening application which uses joli.js for storing shortened urls in a local cache;
+* [joli.js-demo]( is a demo application, which contains the unit-tests for joli.js;
+* [joli.api.js-demo]( is an Iphone Addressbook-like application, which content gets synchronized with web services. This application was built in a couple of hours and was presented a a demo app at [CodeStrong]( in 2011.
## Credits and support
joli.js has been developed by [Xavier Lacot]( and is
licensed under the MIT license.
@@ -253,6 +260,14 @@ Please use GitHub in order to report bugs, but you may also ask for help on how
## Changelog
+### master
+* added a .as() method for building queries with join() (thanks nicjansma)
+* fixed a bug in the query where() method, when a value was 0 or '' (thanks nicjansma)
+* added a toArray() method on record instances
+* fixed missing semicolon (jslint inside)
+* adding optional migration callback to make migrations more general in usage (thanks Anthony Roldan)
+* updated the documentation
### Version 0.3 - 2011-07-22
* added a lot of unit tests [in the demonstration application]( Most ORM features are now unit-tested.
* selection now return object collections
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