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Handle files after upload

Every file could be processed with global ckeditorRoxyFileman.fileUploaded event, i.e. for create thumbnails for images.


Add event and handler to app config, i.e. backend\config\main.php

'modules' => [],
'on ckeditorRoxyFileman.fileUploaded' => [
    'backend\helpers\ThumbnailHelper', 'createThumbnail'

Thumbnail helper with your favourite graphics library, i.e. yii2-imagine

namespace backend\helpers;

// use Imagine\Image\Box; 
// use Imagine\Image;
// etc

class ThumbnailHelper {
    public static function createThumbnail($event) {
        \Yii::info($event->fileName); // $event->fileName contains filesystem full path to file 
        // Some thumbnail operations, i.e.
        // Image::getImagine()->open($event->fileName)->thumbnail(new Box(600, 600))->save($event->fileName, ['quality' => 100]);
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