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Module configure


  • uploadFolder the directory where stored files. Default is @app/web/uploads/images. If folder not existed, roxy will auto-create it.
  • uploadUrl the url which can get folder link. Default is /uploads/images. If you are using yii2-advanced should include scheme (
  • defaultView display type. Default is thumb
  • dateFormat Datetime format. Default is Y-m-d H:i. See:
  • rememberLastFolder would you want to remember last folder? Default is true
  • rememberLastOrder would you want to remember last order? Default is true
  • allowExtension allowed files extension. Default is jpeg jpg png gif mov mp3 mp4 avi wmv flv mpeg webm


Add to config file:

'modules' => [
    'ckeditorRoxyFileman' => [
        'class' => 'nickdenry\ckeditorRoxyFileman\Module',
        'uploadFolder' => '@frontend/web/uploads/images',
        'uploadUrl' => '/uploads/images',
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