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Netex XML Schema

NeTEX XMl schema (C) 2009-2015 NeTEX , CEN, Crown Copyright

NeTwork EXchange XML schemas for : Core, Part 1 (Network), Part 2 (Timetables), Part 3 (Fares)

This is a version 1.01 of the CEN NeTEx schema See the NeTEx UML Physical and Conceptual models for an UML view

The schema is modularised into subschema, grouped into directories corresponding to the The Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 schema.

There is an XMLSpy project file in the root directory that provides an organised view of the schema and examples

  • netex-v1.01.spp

There is also an Oxygen project file

  • netex-v1.01xpr


Getting Started:

There are two main root schemas

  • netex_publication : Embeds NeTEx XML model elements in a bulk output file format for use in asynchronous publication. The intended content scope can be indicated by a filter object.

  • netex_siriSG.xsd : Embeds NeTEx XML model elements in the SIRI protocol for dynamic exchange of elements between servers. Both Request/response or publish / subscribe is supported

In addition

  • nx.xsd : Embeds NeTeX XML model elements within a simple thematic organisation to facilitate browsing and inspection of NeTEx. The NX schema is not intended for actual use.

There are XML examples of the use of both protocols. see examples subdirectory.

===================================================================================================================== See REadme.txt file for list of changes

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