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DSBA 5122 Final Project
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DSBA 5122 Final Project


  • Nicholas Occhipinti
  • Karyn Cook
  • Ziyin Liu

Final Project Website

Running the project

  • All the code and data are included in this repository, you can download the code as a ZIP file or run the following command in Git Bash "git clone".

  • Open the project in R Studio.

  • The following packages will have to be installed:

    • shiny
    • DT
    • ggplot2
    • wordcloud2
    • sf
    • plotly
    • reshape2
    • shinythemes
    • memoise
    • scales
  • The Shiny app is in app.R file and to run it in R Studio simply click the Run App button.

  • The logic to fetch the data is in the drugs.R file which is used by app.R to generate the data.

  • Some styling is generated through a CSS file located in the www folder called app.css.

  • Geographic data shapefiles that were used are located in the shp folder.

  • Tabular data that was loaded into our application is stored in the data folder.

For more information about our research, data and application view

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