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A web based application for recording and managing Krone frame records
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Kronekeeper is an open source web application for documenting connection block wiring frames ('Krone Frames') and their jumpering details.

Kronekeeper can be used replace the KRIS software, once supplied by Clyde Broadcast, which has been used by many major UK broadcasters to document their wiring. This is now unsupported and unable to run on modern operating systems, so a replacement is needed

In replacing KRIS, Kronekeeper also seeks to address some of its weaknesses:

  • Multi-user access
  • Different block types (e.g. ABS)
  • More than 2 jumpers for a circuit (encountered in practice)
  • Accessible from iPad or desktop web browser
  • Import/Export in CSV or Spreadsheet formats
  • Ability to insert, move, remove and relabel groups of blocks
  • Full Changelog (additions, deletions or changes to the Krone frame)

Design Principles

  • Open source web application
  • GNU AGPLv3 licensed
  • Hosted on Github for ease of collaboration
  • Responsive user interface for use on tablet or desktop computers
  • Able to directly import legacy KRIS databases


Hosted Solution

Kronekeeper provides a fully mananaged cloud-hosted solution for your wiring records, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Ideal for engineers on the move, travelling between sites or supporting multiple sites.


Kronekeeper can be hosted on your own infrastructure as a private instance. Simply download and install the code from github onto a Linux host. Commercial support is available to deploy and manage this on your behalf.


Development of Kronekeeper is being supported by Global Radio. Contributions are welcome from any other interested parties.

Development Status

Kronekeeper is considered stable and has been in active use by Global Radio and other broadcasters since 2017. The project continues to be maintained by lead developer Nick Prater. Collaboration and code contributions are welcome.

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