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Sencha Test Suite Growl Notifier

This script will notify SpecRunner.html to re-run the test suite if it detects any source code changes.


  • Node v0.2.4
  • Socket.IO
  • Growl
  • growlnotifier
  • afplay (for playing sounds)


Install growl and growlnotify - growlnotify is in the 'Extras' folder of the Growl dmg.

Run the following commands. Please note this installs node into $HOME/local - if you already have node installed please see for manual installation

git clone
cd GrowlNotify

Edit the 'srcDir' variable at the top of autotest.js

Paste the following code before the </head> tag in ScriptRunner.html

<!-- Growl notifier. Served from a CDN to minimise hassle -->
<script src=""></script>         
<script type="text/javascript">
    if( {
        var socket = new io.Socket('localhost', {port: 3001});
        var socketReconnect;

        socket.on('connect', function(){ 
            console.log('Socket.IO Connected OK');
            if(socketReconnect) {
                window.location.reload(); // Re-run the tests if we have to re-connect
            } else {
                socket.send("RUNNING"); // Sending the 'Running Tests' command                        
        }) ;
        socket.on('message', function(msg){
            var shouldReload = msg.match(/updated/i);
            if(shouldReload) { // There's been a change in the source
        socket.on('disconnect', function() { 
            console.log('Socket.IO Disconnected')
            // Try to reconnect every 5 seconds to the backend
            socketReconnect = setInterval(function() {
                console.log('Attempting Socket.IO reconnect');
            }, 5000)

        SenchaReporter.prototype._renderResults = SenchaReporter.prototype.renderResults;
        SenchaReporter.prototype.renderResults = function(runner) {
            var fails = jasmine.getEnv().currentRunner().results().failedCount;
            if(socket) socket.send("ERRORS: " + fails)
    } else {
        console.log("The Socket.IO script was not loaded")
<!-- End of Growl notifier -->

How to use

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