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Wanderlust is an educational IoT project considering the connection of the "web of things" and the "pyhsical web" in a real world example. The study work was conducted in context of the lecture Internet of Things (IoT) in the course Digital Business Management at the Hermann Hollerith Centre (HHZ). The HHZ is the teaching and research centre from the informatics faculty of the University for Applied Science of Reutlingen.

Project Description

As the name of the project "Wanderlust" already says by its definition the project covers the topic of hiking in the mountains in a very enjoyable and natural way while enriching the hiking experience with IoT technologies. The different aspects of a route are represented as digital pendants provided to the hiker via beacons located at certain key points of the route. Therefore location based services like route guidance, information about the environmental hot spots as well as real-time information about the weather and warnings regarding natural events and service information from partners like restaurants and mountain rescue are available along the way from the valley to the peak. By this no upfront planning is required as the hiking route itself proactively communicates with the hiker and providing him at each stage of a hiking trip with the necessary information.


Hiking itself is a very relaxing and quite enjoyable activity for which many people spend a certain amount of their free time. Though nothing is better to keep up a clear and open mind for the stressful challenges of your everyday life. However, a hiking trip involves a quite inconvenient planning phase upfront. The reason for this fact is quite obvious, if you are not a semi-professional hiker knowing exactly where to go, which difficulty to manage during the hike and how long exactly your trip will take, you will struggle with the organization.


The hiker is forced to run through certain planning steps comprised by the selection of the track, the planning of breaks and the locations for food supply as well as finding the most enjoyable path fulfilling your personal preferences which come along with your wishes, interests and personal as well as team related condition. Up to now people have to gather information about a hiking route at the hiking location at the tourist information or buy upfront a hiking guide and map or download a hiking app for navigation. The application of these manifold guides subsequently dispel your free mind and the experience you have in the mountains narrowed as you are forced to interrupt your actual hiking action by interacting with a book, map or app.


From the starting point onwards the Wanderlust service provides the necessary information to hiker proactively at the right location to the time. The hiker is guided step by step through the trails, information about the surrounding scenery and real time advices about the environment are pushed to him and makes the ambient more intelligent. Furthermore partner companies can offer their services to the hiker, ranging from restaurant booking and food reordering to micro insurance.


Wanderlust will enrich the hiking experience via an IoT enriched natural environment offering information and services in a smooth, non-distracting and convenient way.

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