An Arduino IDE written in PyQt and Python
Python Shell
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Signed-off-by: Nick Kamper <>


This project is to develop the next-generation of Arduino and others IDE. 

### This is not quite alpha code as yet ###

* Python
* Qt/PyQt 4
* QScintilla

see INSTALL.txt 

Getting Started
Coming Soon, but for now check the TODO.txt

Project hosting, wiki, issues at Google

Source code is at

chat at:

== The Vision ==
To create a integrated IDE for arduino
* full text editor, with autocompletion 
* Integrated help browser and api documentation 
* Ability to monitor a serial in a seperate window
* speak and code more than one arduino session at a time
* code wizzards
* API editor
* Eventually a shared cloud of snippets and libs integrated
* Source control embedded
* Run it on ipod, winme etc

== See Also ==
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