A vagrant project to bootstrap a test enviornment
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THIS PROJECT IS NOT ACTIVE. I USE https://docs.cfengine.com/latest/guide-installation-and-configuration-general-installation-installation-enterprise-vagrant.html these days.

CFEngine 3 by Example - Vagrant Project

A vagrant project to bootstrap a test enviornment.

This project will bring up a CFEngine hub and a remote agent.

  • cfhub -
  • cfclient -



Want to get going as fast as possible?

git clone git://github.com/nickanderson/CFEngine-3-by-example-vagrant.git

# Dowload CFEngine 3.4.1 for Centos6 (i386)
cd packages
curl -O -J -L https://cfengine.com/inside/binarydownload/download/items/990

# Install the packages
cd ..
vagrant up 

Getting Started

  1. Run make - This will prepare seed.tar.gz. This seed policy is source from here. It also creates masterfiles.git in the Vagrant project directory which is a bare git repository of masterfiles from the seed. This repository is used as the "central repository". The hubs /var/cfengine/masterfiles is kept in a clean clone state from the repository. Changes to the policy are intended to be made by checking the changes into this repository. This is a typical workflow and is intended to familarize you with hands off administration.

  2. Run vagrant up and in a few minutes you will have a hub and a client bootstrapped.

  3. Clone the masterfiles.git repository so you can start writing policy!

    git clone masterfiles.git

Special Note

The CFEngine Provisioner plugin is still in active development, things may be changing. The version of the Vagrant CFEngine provisioner this Vagrantfile was tested against is deposited in the Vagrant project directory as part of make.

Windows Users

I have successfully tested this on windows. You need the vagrant msi package, virtualbox, and cygwin with tar, and git. wget and vim are also useful to have. You will need to the the git clone and make from a Cygwin shell and run vagrant.bat up instead of vagrant up.

You might try installing cygwin like this: setup.exe --quiet-mode --packages openssh, wget, tar, git


  • Excersises designed to get you used to working with CFEngine 3 for hands off administration.